We’ve been privileged to get to work with some of the finest agencies in the world. Here are some of our projects and collaborations.



Working with Snøhetta has been one of the most rewarding experiences so far into code-life. We started early working on content structure and wireframes with Notch and Snøhetta. When the design was nailed we quickly started to experiment on a groundbreaking new CMS. Modular and inline editing suddenly got a new meaning. We'll post a video case study soon.


OL 2022

Oslo Kommune (the municipality of Oslo) is in the process of determining if it should apply to be the host of the Olympic Games in 2022. To further peoples knowledge before the public vote, OL2022 with Snøhetta and Kodebyraaet set out to create a information campaign. Tight deadlines was met with rapid prototyping—designers and developers worked close to achieve as much as possible as fast as possible.



Website for the Mellbye architects, designed by Heydays. As usual the design from Heydays demanded pixel perfection.



The great people at SDG developed the design which we implemented to a WordPress site. Lot of custom fonts, pictures and videos all working fluently on all devices.



With it's 200 000 members «Pensjonistforbundet» is by far the largest organization for pensioners in Norway. We set out to create a content management system so easy to use that our own grandmothers could use it. It had to be a streamlined system, 1500 users would update content on a weekly basis.

Our products

We also have great ideas which we turn into great products. Like our fleet communication platform; Pigeon, and our event manager Tikkio.



Buy tickets for the concert, beer and peanuts at the concert, and buy that sweet band tshirt after the concert — all on your smartphone! The Event Manager organizes and help communicating with your volunteers with 2-way sms service.


Pigeon Loader

Based on the Pigeon Communication Platform, Pigeon Loader is developed in collaboration with Farstad Shipping and Innovation Norway.